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Educational Technology

Digital competence

The key to digital transformation in education.

The use of technology at ELIS Murcia helps put students at the heart of their learning by increasing agency over their work, developing interpersonal skills, and preparing them for their future adult lives.

What is our Digital Transformation strategy?

The key to transforming teaching and promoting learning is:
  • Launch of the 1-to-1 Devices Programme to equip our students with their own personal digital device.

  • Use of a range of endorsed digital platforms and cutting-edge educational software.

  • Specialised and continuous professional development for our teaching staff, as well as training of students in the safe and correct use of technology.

  • Digital security programme focused on the safety and wellbeing of students.

1-2-1 Device Programme

We launched this new programme to gradually equip our students with their own fully pre-configured and optimized digital device (tablet or laptop) for use in school and at home.

This development leads to better methods of teaching, assessment and feedback, and provides every student with greater ownership of their learning.

The programme is fully funded by the school.

What are the main benefits for the students?

Our programme allows for a higher level of digitalisation, greater flexibility, and efficiency, while helping the teacher deliver a more personalised approach, and organise their work better to benefit the student.


The best digital platforms and educational software

Technology has become a fundamental part of education, not only as the vehicle to deliver great teaching and learning, but as a platform for collaboration and productivity.

At ELIS Murcia, we use platforms that allow for fluid, interactive and straightforward learning both for teachers and pupils.

All students use Microsoft Teams, a virtual environment that allows videoconferences, participation in live lessons and the sharing of resources and files.

We also use educational software such as Learning by Questions, Tapestry or Seesaw, depending on our specific goals and educational stage.

We have also implemented Century Tech, an online learning tool based on artificial intelligence, scientific learning, and neuroscience. Century Tech helps us identify gaps in students’ knowledge and assimilation, making it easier for the teacher to provide feedback and optimise each student’s personalised learning journey.

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ELIS Murcia's digital learning programme has truly transformed my child's education experience and, as a parent, I am impressed by the school's commitment to digital security and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of my daughter.

– Primary School Parent

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