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Wellbeing & Support

Wellbeing is at the core of everything we do

We know that a student needs to be well to learn well.

Caring, compassionate staff, who hold high expectations of themselves and of our students, ensure positive relationships are fostered so our students are motivated, engaged and successful.

Nurturing growth & wellbeing

Learning Support

Each individual child’s progress is monitored, measured, and evaluated on a regular basis. This allows our student support team to intervene in a timely manner when a student requires additional support or an alternative approach to boost their learning. This could be by scaffolding their learning or stretching and challenging them, targeting the area of need and building on the student’s strengths to enhance their learning experience.


Not only is emotional wellbeing and mental health connected to academic success, but we know it is key to ensure our students live fulfilled and happy lives. We aim to help all our students to develop skills that will allow them to deal confidently with the inevitable challenges they will encounter during their journey through school and beyond.

Personal Development

We forge relationships rooted in care and trust at all levels. These relations are inextricably linked with teaching and learning, promoting students’ personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes. Our objective is to create a nurturing and supportive environment in which our students feel confident to explore and develop key skills that will help them thrive in a rapidly evolving world.


It is our duty of care to our students to ensure the protection of their health, wellbeing and human rights. We provide a safe learning environment in which we equip children with the tools to enable them to protect themselves, support each other, share concerns and feel confident to voice their opinions.

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“Our son enjoys learning in the different subjects and his teachers are always looking out for him, not only academically, but also how he is doing emotionally.”

– Parent of a Secondary school student

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