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Welcome to El Limonar International School Murcia

Since 1990, El Limonar International School Murcia has been a beacon of educational excellence, offering a British curriculum to students aged 3 – 18, aligned with the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

By integrating the strengths of both Spanish and British Curricula, we empower students with a distinctive edge, resulting in graduates who attain dual qualifications: British IGCSEs and Spanish 'Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education' certificate, coupled with Spanish 'Baccalaureate' and English A-Level certificates.

These achievements stand as a testament to our readiness for successful global university endeavours.

At ELIS Murcia, we are committed to nurturing every aspect of our students' development

From prioritising their wellbeing through caring and compassionate staff to fostering multilingual excellence and instilling a sense of global citizenship, we provide a holistic education that empowers students to thrive academically and personally.

Nurturing Wellbeing

We know that a student needs to be well to learn well. Caring, compassionate staff, who hold high expectations of themselves and of our students, ensure positive relationships are fostered so our students are motivated, engaged and successful.

Multilingual Excellence

We offer an immersive multilingual education that fosters exceptional growth. By graduation, students attain certified proficiency in three languages. Our students achieve excellent academic results and are able to access the best global universities.

Global Citizenship

We are dedicated to unlocking global opportunities for our students, propelling them towards the world's best universities in Spain and beyond. Students are not only prepared academically but also nurtured to become well-rounded global citizens.


Executive Principal,
Vanessa Grimward, MEd

Awarded European Regional Winner
2023 Pearson International School Leader of the Year

With extensive experience and a passion for education, Principal Vanessa Grimward, MEd, brings a wealth of knowledge to El Limonar International School Murcia. Her leadership embodies a commitment to fostering holistic growth and a dynamic learning environment for students.

“I believe that education should not only ignite minds but also nurture character. At El Limonar International School Murcia, we strive to create an environment where each student's potential is realized, fostering a love for learning that goes beyond the classroom.”

- Vanessa Grimward, MEd

High quality learning experiences in exceptional facilities

Experience learning in state-of-the-art surroundings across our two exceptional campuses: the Buenavista Campus and Montevida Campus. Our world-class facilities are designed to inspire, support, and nurture every aspect of your child’s educational journey.

Buenavista Campus

Early Years & Primary

Spanning an impressive 63,000m², our Buenavista campus offers a world-class education.

Within our teaching buildings, you'll find IT suites, well-equipped science laboratories, art rooms, and drama and music studios. Our outdoor facilities feature an open-air amphitheatre, courts for tennis and paddle sports, a swimming pool, as well as expansive sports pitches and play areas.

Montevida Campus

Secondary & Sixth Form

State-of-the-art 15,000m² facilities, our Montevida Campus offers the highest quality education available in the region.

Our students thrive within a diverse and engaging curriculum, benefiting from specialist installations for athletics, sport, theatre studies, art and design, music, sciences, and investigation. This fosters collaborative and active learning experiences within our modern and innovative environment.

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School News

Our children have not only excelled academically but have also developed a strong sense of global awareness and cultural appreciation.

– Parent, ELIS Murcia

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