The objective of Cognita’s ‘Learning without Borders’ programme is to facilitate the exchange of teaching methodologies, foster a comparative perspective, and enhance learning between schools over a 3-week period. This initiative has enabled ELIS Murcia to fortify its educational connections with Latin America, specifically Chile.

In this year’s programme, four teachers from Cognita schools in Chile are visiting us:


  • Patricia, an Early Years teacher.
  • Erica, a through school Music teacher.
  • Daniela, a Primary School Coordinator.
  • Ignacio, a Secondary History and Economics teacher.


In the spirit of collaboration, participating teachers are fully engaged in integrating innovative teaching methods. They are dedicated to placing students at the centre of the learning process, fostering critical thinking through challenging activities, creating spaces for both individual and group reflection, and encouraging students to articulate their learning experiences.

The goal is to learn from one another, implement improvements for the benefit of students, and strengthen ties within the broader Cognita network, consisting of over 100 schools across Europe, America, and Asia.

In summary, the ‘Learning without Borders’ programme provides a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, enhance educational practices, and promote global citizenship among students. Participating teachers not only contribute insights from their own school but also share information about their home country.