Last Friday, we had our annual staff training day (INSET Day), bringing together all personnel from both ELIS schools at the Montevida campus of ELIS Murcia. The day was packed with enriching experiences tailored to different roles within our community.

Our teaching staff enjoyed insightful sessions led by esteemed education professionals like Ross McGill, renowned teacher, author and director of @TeacherToolkit, known as one of the UK’s top influencers by the Sunday Times. Professor McGill delved into cognitive science, enhancing our understanding of how memory works to further improve effective teaching and learning strategies.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hazel Harrison, a clinical psychologist and director of Think Avellana, shared evidence-based tools for mental wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of a clear wellbeing strategy in schools. Additionally, she highlighted the significance of ‘mattering and caring’ within educational environments.

Administrative staff engaged in a thought-provoking session on global citizenship, led by ELIS Murcia’s Deputy Head, María Dios. This session underscored our commitment to fostering global citizens aligned with ELIS values.

In addition, our administrative team participated in conflict resolution workshops led by Carolina Bornay, psychologist and psychotherapist from Mohure, followed by a teambuilding escape room activity offered by consultant Juan Gadeo and Sumando Talento.

Our kitchen and cleaning staff enjoyed a fantastic international cooking workshop by Inamar and Rational cooking systems, learning new techniques and recipes tailored for school cafeterias.

The day also included an interesting session on educational visits, led by our teaching colleagues Elena San Nicolás, Verónica López, Jaione Mendoza and Carmen Julia Martínez.

Our staff training day was a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our ELIS community. Thank you to all who contributed to making it a success!