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Alumnus of the Year 2020-21

Álvaro Borreguero

Álvaro Borreguero Beltrán graduated from ELIS Murcia in 2010 and read Telecommunications at UCAM Murcia. His degree course sent him to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, which gave him the opportunity to network in a completely new dimension and to put into practice so many of the skills he had thus far acquired. From here, Álvaro moved to Barcelona for his Masters in Telecommunications and on completion he joined Accenture whose mission is to design innovative businesses. He is now working for Thales, a French multinational, and is based in Alicante.

Álvaro is not only someone who represents ELIS values, he is also a young man who values ELIS and the opportunities he has had thanks to his education. His friends from ELIS are his family and his international outlook is the product of his upbringing. He is hardworking, a proficient sportsman, a loyal friend and a warm person. For these reasons, Álvaro is the perfect candidate to be Alumnus of the Year 2020-2021.

Álvaro, how did the possibility of living in Singapore come about?

After obtaining a Scholarship to study Telecommunications Engineering (in great part, thanks to Toni’s – ELIS Murcia Technical Director – implication), I decided to take a chance and apply for another Scholarship offered by the university to study abroad for a semester. In between all the possible destinations, I chose the one I considered the fanciest and most attractive in both personal and professional ways. This choice led me all the way to Singapore, where I studied at Nanyang Technological University (considered to be the top 11 university in the world). Although it was only for one semester, the experience was a complete adventure which I completely recommend to anyone who has a similar opportunity.

How is the job going?
What is it that you like the most about your work?

After finishing my masters degree in Telecommunications Engineering, I started working for a big consulting company in Barcelona. Over a year later, I decided to give a twist to my career signing with a Multinational French Engineering company and moved to Alicante. The thing that probably attracts me the most from my actual work is that there is something new to study every single day, since the ICT world is quickly expanding.

To what extent do you think that your training at ELIS facilitated your current professional life?

There is no doubt that the main achievement obtained studying at ELIS is becoming a bilingual professional. English mastery is a requirement that more and more companies look forward to including in their squads, as globalization is transforming the way companies behave. It is also important to remark that being raised in an international environment definitely has opened our minds to interaction with people all around the globe.

What about your spare time?
What do you do to enjoy yourself when you’re not working?

What is clear is that, given current times, one has been forced to change their hobbies or the way they decide to spend their spare time. I like to play videogames and practice sports. I have always been very competitive in every sport I’ve practiced, up to the point where I was considered an Elite Athlete and was awarded a Sports Scholarship which brought down cut-off marks.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

Given the time we live in, what I value most is stability, not only professionally but personally. However, once this pandemic is over and I have gathered more experience in my areas of expertise, I am really looking forward to starting my own business. There is no better boss than yourself. Even when I was back at ELIS, my best friend and I always kept coming up with new business ideas, which I hope they blossom when the day comes.

Any other memories from your time at ELIS?

Most of my memories during my time at ELIS are great. Some of us have known each other for over 90% of our lives, this is, for over 26 years, so there is a strong feeling of belonging to a family, that is and has always been there. A decade after leaving ELIS, those ties are still as strong as they used to be. We keep in touch almost on a daily basis, no matter where we live or what we do, where we have shared our best moments and achievements.

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