ELIS Murcia, encompassing both the Buenavista and Montevida campuses, joined the worldwide celebration of Global Be Well Day celebrate by Cognita and its more than 100 schools around the world. This day was dedicated to promoting wellbeing, and this year, our focus was on promoting wellbeing through a digital lens while encouraging responsible and positive technology use.

The day commenced with a collective dance performance by all students from both campuses at the Buenavista campus, setting the energetic tone for a day filled with wellbeing-focused activities.

Our campuses were abuzz with an array of activities that engaged students of all ages. At the Buenavista campus, students enjoyed dynamic activities on the football field, fostering connections between older and younger students. Year 1 students participated in a rejuvenating yoga session, while others had a blast with karaoke and creative robotics projects using recycled materials.

Furthermore, our commitment to wellbeing extended to sign language courses, suncatcher crafting and more. The day was filled with enriching experiences that aimed to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing.

At the Montevida campus, students were treated to a variety of engaging workshops, from classic vs. digital photography to bilingual dubbing sessions and creative Canva workshops. There were also active sessions such as Les Mills workouts and Mudras for relaxation and stretching.

Our students had a blast with silly sports and team-building activities on the sports courts, followed by craft sessions and karaoke to round off the day.

Throughout both campuses, students enjoyed healthy snacks, live connections with UK schools and an enlightening exhibition on the evolution of technology.

At ELIS Murcia, we don’t limit our dedication to wellbeing to just one day; it’s a year-round commitment that we hold dear. We look forward to the next edition of Global Be Well Day as we continue to promote wellbeing, nurture connections and explore the positive facets of technology to empower our students for a brighter, healthier future.