Yesterday we celebrated STEAM Day with Upper School. There were loads of exciting and interesting activities for the students to get involved with. One of the activities included visiting our STEAM Fair. This was an opportunity for students to speak with experts from the STEAM field, including Doctors, Engineers, University Lecturers and so many more! We also had visitors from the United Kingdom to talk about getting into STEAM courses at University on an international level.


As well as the STEAM Fair, we also had a selection of STEAM Challenges which tested the students and allowed them to explore their design abilities whilst having to find creative solutions to problems. We also planned some fun activities for our younger students including: building a hologram, using pendulums to make art, inflating lungs, racing Lego cars and so much more!


We were delighted to welcome staff and students from our sister school, ELIS Villamartin joining us for the day. It was great to have so many people at our Montevida campus.


And on top of all that, we had a science show for our year 7, 8 and 9 pupils, whilst our year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students enjoyed an inspirational talk on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our future lives.


Thank very much to all the attendees and collaborators!


  • Professor Emilio Torrente with 2 students. Faculty of Physics of the University of Murcia.
    Graciela Valero. Surgeon in the General Surgery Department of the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia.
  • Professor Isabel Legaz. Faculty of Medicine of the University of Murcia.
  • Former student José Antonio Gil Alhama. Energy engineer
  • Former student Jacob Kristensen. Chemometric Brain Company
  • Former student Juan Orcajada. Physiotherapist- Dynamics of the Physiotherapy, Health and Sports Center
  • Former student Germán Jiménez. Nutritionist- Dynamics of the Physiotherapy, Health and Sports Center
  • Former student Gerardo Lerma. Product Design Engineer
  • Terra Natura Murcia
  • IMIB- Murcian Institute for Biosanitary Research- Biobank
  • IMIB- Murcian Institute for Biosanitary Research- Pathology
  • Araceli Valdes. Industrial engineer.
  • CEBAS-CSIC. Centre for Edaphology and Applied Biology of Segura
  • MIW Energía
  • Armed forces. Defense Office in the Region of Murcia
  • ESI- International High School of Design
  • UCAM – Degree in Gastronomy
  • UCAM – Degree in Biotechnology
  • UCAM – Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
  • Andy Perryer. European Head of Digital Learning. Cognita Schools.
  • Jon Turner. University of Lancaster.
  • Year 8 STEAM group with their teacher Celeste Introna.
  • Anastasio Sánchez, Alianza Mar Menor association.